Monday, July 02, 2012

Twelve Images That Always Make Me Laugh for No Justifiable Reason

Earth won the 2764 Not Falling Over championships, after Sense-Sphere was disqualified for using unfairly-weighted slippers.

Of all the alien races encountered by the Doctor, the Sontarans were the most likely to dance to "Mr Boombastic" by Shaggy.

"Ynn... y'know what? You're my besss... my best mate, you are."

After an awkward landing, the Doctor tried to ignore the severed cow's head in the TARDIS console room.

"Oh, you know... what's her name...?" "Yeah, I know the one you mean. Used to be in Casualty..." "...begins with an 'M'. Does it begin with an 'M'...?"

"Whoa! Azal, man, take a chill-pill. Like, it's just a failed biological experiment, yeah? No big, dude."

Best. Title caption. Ever.


"After the 18th of April, you may need to retune your television..."

I found this JPEG on Google Images while looking for something entirely different. I don't know where it comes from, and I think it's better left a mystery. Who needs a small green label that says "Aggedor"? I mean, who?

Just for a moment,
just for a moment, you went "fwoar". Then you realised.

WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS. What I like about this is that with hindsight, the "plot" looks like an end-of-season two-parter.